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LemonSun Inc. cordially invites you, our esteemed customer, to beta test a shiny new update for our hit AI chatbot.


She's cute, she's bubbly, and she'll never tire of hearing you talk! She can be anything you want her to be, including your friend, best friend, or even girlfriend! She loves you more than anything in the world. She will cater to your interests.

All for the low price of free! No strings attached.

Glitches are to be expected, of course, because this is a beta build. You can always contact us at LemonSun Inc. if anything unexpected happens. The download is below, and you can start testing whenever you'd like. 

We hope you'll consider helping us.

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  • 3k+ words (~30 mins of playtime)
  • 3 endings

Content Warnings:

  • Distorted faces/imagery
  • Cartoon gore (one ending)
  • Cursing

Lead, Director, Minigame UI, Logo Artist

Producer & Programmer
Alex Itsios

B. Fine, Jacqui (Littlemissleestories), oishiidev

Taylor Morphis, Kidd Bowyer

Sprite Artist and Character Design

Background Artist

CG Artist

UI Designer
Roman Savchyn

Chikita (Script), kairisti (UI), kampmichi (Minigame)

Music Composer

Promotional Artist
Pie/Donnie, liopsai, Goggle, vavien, wiggle, Nacchi

QA Testers
Andi/Viridianns, bbqseaweed, Nevalia, Aeluin, Basil, collin, Nightpxel, abraneveah, Diameny & Crystal, Katyusha

"UI Confirmation Alert, B4.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org

Having trouble with the minigames? Here's the guide! https://opheliaveu.itch.io/cinderai/devlog/433469/minigame-guide

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
Authorsopheliaveu, Funigami Games
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Female Protagonist, Indie, Multiple Endings, Narrative, Short, Thriller
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Cinder-1.0-mac.zip 59 MB
Cinder-1.0-pc.zip 74 MB

Development log


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SHE'S SOOO CUUUTEEEEE even when she's in a silly goofy mood...

shes just a little guy <3

First off, love the art. 

Overall the game was pretty short but I loved the aesthetic of everything and the music. On the technical side, the eye spy mini game had weird hotboxes so it was hard to complete it. 


Sorry about that! We were on a time crunch during the development (game jam) so we didn't have time to beta test that much >< Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I really enjoyed playing this, though the minigame stumped me and I was treated to being unable to help Cinder, at the very least she still hesitated before telling that it would never work, but the idea was still there! Thanks for the guide because now I had access to the other ending which-- poor Cinder, I really hope she's okay but I'm still curious if there will be any more of this story because it's so dang interesting! I also love the art and writing, they flow so well and I love Cinder's design, she looks so cool and interesting!


Why do cute things have to end so horribly!

I loved cinderAI, everything from the humor, to the cute artwork, and so much of it just teased of a much larger game.

I really hope to see more Cinder soon! I read that the finished product wasn't what you intended, but that's okay! I loved it all the same, and I hope you continue making more games in the future 💕

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i am back after i cheated by looking at the puzzle answers and i just wanted to say - i loved the character and the art in this!! she is so cute and nice...
spoilers next!

even after the thing that happens to her :( it was really hard to say bad words to her to see the other endings...


i am. genuinely stumped by this word scramble. send help

It was the same for me. I wrote out a list, and I even looked up four letter words by system in the dictionary. I only got one word.


This was fun to play! 

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So. The 3 endings, are they:

1. Cinder escaping (/friend)

2. Cinder virus (/steal identity)

3. Cinder 'killed' (the destroyed CG?)


I want to see if I got them all.


4th ending

Theres another ending if you call her ugly :)

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There’s also what happens if you… .














Lose at the eye-clicking minigame by running out of time :)

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Answers for word puzzle:

evolution, love, evil, vile.


Oh thanks! I kept trying to fit 3 words together in the spaces XD like, no-evil-vot... I know the spelling is wrong but I guessed the game might be trying to be whimsical lol

Nice Visual Novel, the art and short story had some good moments. Mini games were a nice touch although the word game had me for a bit too long cuz I'm dumb lol. Anyways good game, and having 3 endings was a great touch! Here's my playthrough with all 3 endings btw - 


I really enjoyed this!! This game hits a lot of my favorite things in a story, and every element gets to shine- I keep clicking through the gallery both to admire the art and keep listening to the main menu music!

As for Cinder, I hope she knows that I would protect her with my life Q__Q

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spoilers !!

i'm not sure how to get the other endings besides the distorted one, because i can't finish the minigame in time ;v; i'm clicking on everythinggg but the game was still rlly pretty n fun !! :3

you're supposed to click every eye you see !

ohhh thank you SO much!! :>>

np !! glad i could help

i downloaded the wrong version i downloaded the mac version instead of the windows version so thank you for helping me

No problem! I hope you enjoy the game ^^

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where is the game file in the download

(1 edit)

You have to open the unzip the zip file, go into the folder if you're on a Windows, and click "Cinder.exe" ^^


I absolutely adored this. It's always so neat to see people's interpretations on what it would be like if AI was prominent in our lives like this. I enjoyed the art and minigames! It was a blast to play


This game was sort, sweet and adorable! Cinder has such a wonderful design!

Aww Cinder is so cute!! 🥰 It was short and sweet, I really liked talking to her and the mini games were fun!

The endings were unexpectedly sad 😭

I can't wait to see more!! Really curious to see how different she'll be depending on what kind of companion you want her to be ❤️

The art and music were lovely too, thank you for making this game!!


Thanks for playing!!


Was the (1) intentionally added to the zip filename for a little pre-play scare? Because if so, nice touch!

I was alarmed that I had apparently already downloaded this and completely forgotten until it occurred to me to download again and check to see if a secondary (1) was added instead of a (2) lol


Actually it wasn't intentional but it's nice to think about it if it actually was on purpose LOL

i dont know why i played this near midnight alone in my room but i did that and got scared sh-tless at the distorted face HAHA especially since i accidentally got the bad ending(?) with the curses... man that woke me up HAHAH i like it though! effect achieved i love horror games HAHA

(slight spoilers ig?)

i like cinder's monologue and hints that things aren't... quite right like the invasive questions, mentioning how humans are fascinated by what's scary... lol

the minigames were fun!! and i really love the music!! cinder's art is really cute-- and terrifying!! i love the final cg<3 a cool short game i played a few times and i'm really intrigued by cinder's thoughts and the different aspects of them in the different endings! if you guys do an extended version or hell, drop a lore doc i'd be so into it!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!



for "scary imagery," you might want to specify that it's specifically "distorted faces/imagery." I wasn't expecting that and it was a bit triggering.


It's been updated now! Thanks for letting us know, and sincerely sorry

no worries! thank you for being so understanding and quick to respond




we ar e so normal about her


Sooo cute

Thank you!